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Your story matters. Set it free.
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A Little About Me

I am a board-certified psychotherapist licensed in Ontario.

My passion for accompanying people through a wide variety of issues and challenges comes from experiencing firsthand the fruit of dealing with the struggles in my own life, marriage and work.

My 30 years of experience in journeying with people have contributed to my becoming sought out as a leadership coach, speaker and trainer across Canada and internationally.

Services I Provide

Benefits of My Counselling Services

My 30 years of experience as a board-certified psychotherapist can help you through difficult life
circumstances like the death of a loved one, divorce, stress in the workplace, or a job loss. Other
benefits include:

Leads to Self-discovery
Self-knowledge is crucial to living a peaceful and prosperous life. Counseling can help you grow in confidence, hope, motivation, and inspiration.

Overcome Trauma
Traumatic events, whether it be abuse, the loss of a loved one, or even a car accident, need to be healed. Past traumas can resurface as PTSD. I can assist you process your trauma, regain confidence, and return to your daily routine.

Freedom From Anger
Anger is a natural human emotion. But when it spirals out of control and becomes destructive, it can cause issues in our work and personal relationships and even our health.

You cannot change, avoid, or eliminate the things or people that irritate you, but you can learn to transform and channel your anger into more helpful behavior.

Relief From Anxiety
Running from anxiety only intensifies our distress. Let me help you experience the benefit of identifying and resolving the deeper issues that trigger it.

Freedom From Compulsive Behaviors such as Addictions, Self-Harming, OCD
Efforts to eliminate the object of our addiction or restrain ourselves from troubling behavior don’t provide the long-lasting relief you seek. Let me help you deal with the underlying roots that give these behaviors the tenacious control they have over you.

Improve Your Social Skills
Another significant advantage of counseling is the growth of confidence, hope, motivation, and inspiration.

You are Worth the Investment

You are worth the investment and so are the loved ones who will benefit from your courage to
get the help you need to become the person you want to be. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you
have any questions or need more information.

Recover freedom. Rebuild trust. Deepen joy. Live with purpose.

The power of connection, interaction and education.

Bring your best to work and help others do the same

Nurture your mind and soul.

We all long to live full and satisfying lives. Sometimes, however, we hit a dead end, or feel stuck in patterns that sabotage the quality of life we long for..

During the initial session, we will talk about what brought you to therapy. We’ll define your goals and the issues you want to address..
Sessions are usually 50 min long. That can be extended particularly for people who travel from out of town.

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Currently offering remote sessions exclusively.